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Free Education For Girls From Nursery To PhD In Government Institutes Of Punjab

The system of education in our country doesn’t gets how important it is to impart knowledge, to educate students for real. Instead it’s just been looked up upon as a business opportunity these days. And also the government doesn’t seems to care much, unlike the government of Punjab. Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh, at […]

The Ban Culture: Something To Think Upon!

BANS have continued to be the most controversial topic for debate over the past 3-4 years. It’s something that’s been happening for decades now, may be even centuries and we’ve been acting like it’s something new we’ve been introduced to and hence, the name ‘BAN Culture’. We should be vigilant about the new one’s but […]

Railways to install CCTV Cameras At Stations under Nirbhaya fund. Will it reduce rapes ?

Railways to install CCTV cameras at stations under Nirbhaya fund. Will it reduce rapes ? In 2013, the central government announced the ‘Nirbhaya fund’ worth rs 10 billion, in the union budget. It was expected to support initiatives from NGOs working towards safety of women and towards protecting their dignity. And now the fund  is […]

The Inspiring Story Of Deepika Who Fights For Men Who Are Ill-Treated In Marriages!

“Are men not vulnerable? Do they not face discrimination? can they not be victims?”- questions a 31-year-old Gurgaon resident, Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj.       Deepika observed two cases of unsuccessful marriages which instigated her to dive into such matters further. Earlier her cousin’s wife lodged a case against her husband and falsely accused Bhardwaj of tormenting […]

This Security Guard Has Written Over 4000 Letters To The Families Of Martyrs

The flashing news of demise of our soldiers while serving the country conjures a million emotions in our hearts. We tend to showcase our confined anger by tweeting, texting and hashtagging. We somehow impel to drain them in the rainbow of our thoughts. Then, we very quickly go back to living our normal lives normally, […]

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