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Are You a Foodie Looking for the Perfect Weekend Getaway?

What is it that makes the traveller in you come alive? For some it’s meeting new people, for some it’s exploring new landscapes, while for others, it’s all about great food. In fact, for most people, relishing local cuisine is integral to the travel experience. But a typical hotel stay can only offer limited choices […]

HC Verdict out: Talwars get acquitted on Aarushi Talwar Murder Case

The Allahabad High Court has today given its verdict on Aarushi Talwar Murder Case.   Rajesh and Nupur Talwar were found guilty of murdering their 14-year-old daughter Aarushi Talwar by a special court in 2013.   The couple was sentenced to life imprisonment. They, then appealed against the special court order in the Allahabad High Court. image […]

Read the story of a timid woman from growing up in a conservative family to gaining her own voice!

Gender disparities have always been imminent in our society. The birth of a girl child is considered to be a curse while the the birth of a boy is cherished. It is considered that males can achieve great heights in society because they possess the quality and power of achieving what they want. On the […]

The trial run of pink line of Delhi metro has begun,know why is it special!

India is approaching the new era of transportation and we are glad about it! The Delhiites are keenly looking forward to the commencement of the new pink line. And the thing which is so special about it is automated driving i.e. the Delhiites are getting driveless metros on this line and the trials have already […]

After Blue Whale, what’s taking the lives of teenagers?

Since a Mumbai teenager committed suicide due to blue whale game trap, there had been immense hurdle about the game in the media. But now since we know so much of it, we are almost saved from it. But no sooner did the Blue whale trap left us, we are trapped in yet another addiction […]

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