10 Things Yogi Adityanath Has Done In 3 Days In Nayak Style!

Yogi Adityanath is a media sensation since the day  he was surprisingly announced as the New Chief Minister Of Uttar Pradesh. People have mixed emotions over the news. While people are happy with the winning of BJP, they are still not sure  on how to react with the news of Yogi as their new CM. He has been a very controversial man. In our last post, we told you about the 12 Facts about Yogi Adityanath that you must be aware of. If you have missed the post, Read Here.

10 Things Yogi Adityanath Has Done In 3 Days In Nayak Style!


Now, Love him, or Hate him, But you cannot ignore the new CM. Soon after taking the oath, he has done more than we could think of. Here is the list of 10 big things he did in just 3 days:

 1- Yogi has asked all the ministers to disclose their overall net worth:

On the very first day to work, he did one of the best thing we would want. He asked all the ministers to disclose their net worth to the CM Secretariat and the BJP office within Next 15 days.

Well, lets get ready for some drama scheduled this fortnight.

2- He has deployed ‘Anti Romeo Squad’ in order to prevent Eve-teasing:

It is a small step to keep a check on Roadside Romeos who harass women. This Squad is supposed to keep a check on eve teasing cases with quick justice. In the first day itself, over 900 people have been questioned by these squads.



It is indeed a good step. However, we just fear that they don’t turn out to become a ‘Bajrangi Dal’ instead.


3- He has banned Tobacco and Pan Masala In Government Offices:



A step further towards ‘Swatch Bharat Abhiyan’, Yogi Adityanath has banned Pan Masala in the premises of government offices.


4- Illegal Slaughterhouses have been sealed:


2 Illegal slaughterhouses in Allahabad (Rambagh and Atala slaughterhouses) have been sealed. Moreover, several meat shops and slaughterhouses in Lucknow and Varanasi have been sealed that were illegaly doing their business. It also included the much famous and iconic ‘Tundey Kebab’ shop in Lucknow.


5- No More VIP Culture:

Soon after becoming CM, he passed an order that no minister will use any Red Beacon on top of their vehicles.


6- Has Suspended Over 100 Cops who have been identified as ‘Black Sheep’:

On his 3rd day of duty, Yogi paid a surprise visit to Hazratganj Police station in Lucknow. Around 7 Inspectors have been suspended in Lucknow on Thursday.

Most of these suspensions were in Ghaziabad, Meerut and Noida.



A directive was issued to all the superintendents of police through video conferencing by the state police chief and principal secretary (home) Debashish Panda hours after Adityanath assumed office, wherein they were instructed to identify the black sheep and take exemplary action against them.


7- Asking Police Officers To Get More Serious On Women Safety:

Yogi has appealed all the police officers to change their mentality towards treatment of women and had instructed them to take strict actions against the defaulters who get caught in any activity including eve teasing or women harrassment.


8- He has issued an order to make a strategy to end all crimes within 15 days:

Although, it seems a difficult task to get everything on track in 15 days and that too in a state like UP, the new CM has issued an order of preparing a blueprint for restoring law and order within 15 days.


9- He has ordered all his ministers to be cautious while making any statement:

He has asked all his ministers to beware and think twice before making any statement as it can hurt people’s sentiments.

Well, Mr. Yogi, Charity Begins At Home.


10- Monitoring Social Media Activities:

He has asked police officers and senior administrators to keep an eye on social media activities that can cause a threat to communal peace and harmony.



Seems like it’s Anil Kapoor’s Nayak All over again.

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