13 Sentences/Words That Can Scare The Shit Out Of You

No matter How Bold You are, there are few things that are capable enough tho scare the shit out of you! There must have been some sentences/words that would have certainly scared you at some point in your lives.

1-  I don’t : You wait for the next statement to come up whether he likes you back or not or what he is actually wishing to say.

3- Results Published : What?Really! Did I just get over with this exam or I just failed? But Dad, I did study, may be not actually studied but just stared at the book throughout the year and had a slight glimpse just before the exams or simply slept over it considering it a nice pillow.


 5- Look Mouse!or Look Lizard! : Where? Jump! Jump! Mouse of course not Humans ! Or simply both Or vice versa.


6- I’m coming : Oh Shit! No, Please, No Relatives No. Want some privacy.

7- Come Here : When your Professor says this in middle of a class, you wonder whether you’re going to be fame of the class the next moment or just get insulted.


     9- No Internet : What? Shit! No what’s app No Facebook! No notifications?!


    10- Battery Low : Oh No It was just 20 minutes left to get the video downloaded.


    11- When the Bank balance says ‘0’: What? Where the hell did I spend this and when?


    12- Next week is your Mid Test : When the Professor says this, you’re like WHAT?Next week? No time left! You suddenly wake up and start deciding your schedule to finish up the syllabus within a deadline.


    13- When the Fuel tank of your bike or scooty shows Low : In the middle of your journey, if this happens, you’re like, Shit! This had to happen now only. Now what?


These Things Definitely Scare The Shit Out Of Me! More than any Horror Movie!
What about you? Do comment and let us know! 🙂
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