In The Lines of Swiss Master Roger Federer


The most controversial match obviously considered to be the “MATCH OF THE DECADE”. That was between Swiss master Roger Federer and Spaniard Rafael Nadal ended up with the former clinching a five-set thriller.


Rafael Nadal backing up a strong history with six Grand Slam win against Federer, including a five-set win in Australian open singles Final in the year 2009. However this time it was the Master recovering from a six-month injury (the longest of his career). And thrashing away the heavy weights on his way to the final at this age of thirty-five!

Examining the Modus Operandi of the final, it was totally a dynamic and different Federer displaying the class of technique and skill against a better conditioned Nadal. The win showed that numbers and history doesn’t count in case of the fight along the passion and desire to win.

So what does his game encode….




Roger Federer



Federer almost kept the ball low and strained Nadal with baseline blows. The first set was completely a baseline dominance when Nadal failed consistently to hold on first serve from Federer. Federer chose to hamper Nadal’s confidence by seizing baseline and he quickly adapted his momentum towards serve and volley. Federer limited his opponent with shorter rallies and medium paced rallies even tough Nadal edged over Federer with lesser unforced errors.



SOURCE: Tennis Australia



Federer chose to surprise his rival. With almost 20 aces against meekly 4 aces from Nadal, Federer held the pressure winning 76% of his first serve. And considerably returned 50% of Nadal first serve. Federer serve usually draws praise for the consistency and deceptiveness. He confuses the opponent by tossing the ball same each time, making it hard for his opponents to read the ball. Also, he kills the opponent’s prediction each time serving sudden striking serve usually at the key moments.






Nadal greatly handled Federer’s backhand in the history. But the Final showed the Master with a different game plan. He drove the ball earlier than expected and kept himself safe by allowing space for quick forehand replies. The Swiss Master hit 14 backhands almost all of them hard and flat, the highest against the rival. Federer showed his mastery skills by hitting a whoopping 42 inside out forehands and maintained a strong mental-pressure balance. Federer has the ability to hit the ball with pace and his “slice of ball” is best in the game. He strategically disappoints the opponents with topspin along with “flick” of his backhand.



The records and analysis prove that the class bettered than the strength. Federer almost ran less distance than the rival which covers our eyes to believe that the master tamed the opponent. He was magnificent in all angles than Nadal. Obviously it was not the Federer of fitness and strength but this Federer was a class of immense maturity and mental stamina. He gripped the emotions and mental energy on the court and showed that age is just a number. While skill with the passion (positive thinking) is something that everyone needs to believe!!



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