8 Things Only An English Literature Student Would Relate To

Unlike the general notion people have, its no easy feet studying English Literature. But anyways we the student of literature love our course and never will you hear us complain about it. You might be wondering why and how? Let me try and answer.

English Literature

1.The sense of pride:

we are all so proud of our course. Dare you speak against it, and we will present all the reasons for eventually you falling in love with it too. And its such an icing on the cake when people say “ I wish I too was an english literature student” (p.s. its more than often that people do.)

2. Gateway to a new world:

we have our own utopic place. Where everything is perfect because we have our own individual solutions (though not the mathematical ones ;)).

3. Read,write,talk:

all of us read extensively, some of us are great writers others impeccable orators, then we also have a lot that is best at both the worlds. Overall we as a group believe in putting forward our perception of anything and everything.


our conversation seems incomplete without quoting from our favorite author and at times we ourselves become anonymous authors and quote. But a qoute is necessary.

5. Microsoft Word is our friend :

it’s the best editor, it edits as we write. We the grammar freaks can never take a chance with a grammatically wrong sentence and at the pace we write nothings more handy than M.S.Word. we will always be thankful to you.

6.Our fear:

plagiarisms, one thing we hate and fear the most. Its  against our dignity to copy, and never ever want to be the one copying in any way.


since we develop a conceptand have a theory about everything happening around us, we often get into conflicts with our friends and family(usually not from the literature background). As literature individuals we respect everyone’s view, but that cant stop us from putting ourselves first.

8. Practically romantic:

We are the dreamer and the doer .


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