After Blue Whale, what’s taking the lives of teenagers?

Since a Mumbai teenager committed suicide due to blue whale game trap, there had been immense hurdle about the game in the media. But now since we know so much of it, we are almost saved from it. But no sooner did the Blue whale trap left us, we are trapped in yet another addiction which is doing rounds on the internet and gaining much popularity-Sarahah. This app is on the top of free apps chart rising from almost nowhere.

This app initially existed as only a website developed by a Saudi Arabian for a very simple purpose-it allowed employees to give anonymous feedback to their employers, thus improving the quality of work without having the fear of being fired. Later on the idea came to the developer for extending the service on personal level too. By and by the website gained popularity in the Middle East and Africa. When the app was realeased on app store and google play store, it  became popular in no time all over the world.

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The age group which uses the app most is obviously the teenagers. This anonymous messaging app which people are so much excited about and flaunting of is actually taking lives of the users, though indirectly. Sounds pretty well! The app provides buttons for sharing their Sarahah account to social media.As soon as a user registers, he can share it publicly. And what makes using it easier is Snapchat integration. And to no surprise people are loving to boast it off on their several social accounts!

But that very best part of it is actually turning to be the worst of it; it’s actually hazardous. As one could have expected, this feature is being used for the act of cyberbullying. When one gets anonymity, he takes the worst form of himself and does totally ungrateful things. Women are facing lewd comments on this particular app and they never get to know who is it. Some of them are even facing depression and the reason behind is that they are being bullied with intolerable, lewd and bullying comments on this particular app. Some even have committed suicide. Though cyberbullying is not a new thing, but after bluewhale bullying on Sarahah is actually of much importance.

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It’s high time that we realise that such applications should not be used unless we are able to face what comes as a harsh outcome of it. Also such apps must contain some filter to remove explicit content for the users who request it.

Let us pledge to be constructive in using this or any other app and let us not mentally destroy someone. After all, the users who register on this app do not do so to use it as a porn chat website. Lets save their dignity! Lets make internet a good and healthy place.


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