Are You Living Your Dreams?

I thought of asking.. Do you wanna live.. And if the answer is yes… why, what for..? What’s actually worth living for..?

I thought what would be answers if I asked someone else.. If the answer is yes and I asked why, what if they answer coz they want to fulfil their parents’ dreams. Then, what if I asked the same question to their parents, they’ll probably say, “to fulfil their kids’ dreams”.

What is the sole purpose of living then.. Why do we exist..? Parents’ dreams becomes ours, and ours becomes theirs..

Is this our legacy, to fulfil each others’ dreams..? What is the reason for life..? That breaks the sole reason for existence.. I think so.. If this is the case, we’ll end up living within dreams and the real ones, won’t ever matter…

Life, as we see it, is a cycle, a routine that repeats itself after each generation.

I, as of now, don’t know what my dreams are.. I’m still looking I guess. I fail to have that one dream that can drive me to my potential. I am surrounded by ever observing crowd who tries to tell me that I’ve got the potential to do anything, to be anyone… but, who can’t, anyone can be anyone or whoever they wanna be.

Potential is a fuel that drives us to a destination, what’s the use of fuel when the driver doesn’t have the destination..? But then, I wish we had a google maps in life to set destinations in life too, it would have been so much simpler.

Life is simple, sometimes you fall, sometimes you rise, most of the times you end up floating, not knowing where you are, or where you wanna be.. You meet people, you fall in love, you end up having a partner, then it becomes ‘OUR dreams’ from ‘MY dreams’, but now I realize, those aren’t something new, all we found out is that the destination we have been searching for our whole life… perhaps, that’s the whole purpose of finding a partner, to have a destination that we can share and achieve….


Keep dreaming, there’s no one holding you  back now, what are you waiting for..?
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