The Author or the Book Which is not Good?! So Who is the Worst Writer?!

So who is the Worst writer?!

” The author or the book which is not good?!” somebody asked me this question. Being a writer what do you think is needed to be the worst writer to be?! I say no writer is worst unless his intentions are to hurt anybody out there in the world. Yes, everyone’s perspective is different and here goes mine. So, who is the Worst writer?!


There is no such author whom I feel are worst to be commented upon. I would like to suggest about what the author mustn’t choose to write in whatever he/she pursues to write;

  • Avoid using vulgarity even if it supposed to be said, in general, and formal terms it must be expressed in.
  • Pinpointing other writers or in particular anyone in a negative sense. Criticism should be given but the fact of keeping it concise so that it doesn’t hurt the feelings of others.
  • Usage of too much colloquial language when using English as a medium to express the story or what so ever.

Worst writer?!

So who is the Worst writer?!
So who is the Worst writer?!

No writer can be defined as a ‘worst’ writer as the writing flows from the core of the heart. Real life contradictions which cannot be expressed are flown through words. Since the question asked here is to describe an author. I won’t say the author is worst but a particular book which I would like to comment upon.

                “The world’s worst best boyfriend” written by Durjoy Datta. I felt the storyline was adequate enough to reach the audience but the way the story revealed the girl’s character was not acceptable by me. While he has justified writing character reflections better in his other books about girls. The fact in this book he has not expressed in a right manner. Even though crushes on a male teacher is common for girls but being in a relationship is not acceptable. I felt it showing the immorality even of a teacher’s character here. A teacher must be a teacher in all his senses when he is a teacher. Taking revenge on not accepting one’s own mistake that too destroying oneself is highly regarded as a negative rating from me.

P.S: I didn’t mean to hurt anyone but my view over this book.

Every storyline must be significant not to destroy any gender. Maybe the truth is that everyone will or may have a broken relationship in the past. That doesn’t give you the privilege to share your soul self. The heart can be healed but the scars and reminiscence cannot be healed not cleared. The impurity is called impurity in this story it is purposely done so the impure cannot be cleansed unless surrendering to the Almighty for the soul’s mistake.


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