Inside the home is being behind the bars. Wondering what I am about to say? Well this is the circumstance where the girls are chosen to be adhered with. If she jumps over the rule then she is titled as the aggressive attitude girl. If a boy is kept captive inside the home he feels frustrated. The question goes here is, if he is given freedom why not she?


A boy is given privilege to choose where and what he wants to pursue but not her. He is given privilege to reject a proposal and have conditions on choosing a life partner but why not she? He is given privilege to go out when and where he wishes but why not she?

All girls have this inner instinct to be born as a boy and explore horizons ahead in a vivid manner. The idea is that girls are unsafe.

Hey don’t stop reading here.

You might wonder so many people write about this particular topic “SHE”. Here I sprout out a question to you if the boys are grown in a proper constrained manner why would you fear your girl to be carefree.

The ultimate scene of a girl when she gets married to a male chauvinist is being an eventual home maker. She has to take over all the responsibilities of the household chores when she moves along with her husband to a new scenario. The so called ultimate family heads the male expecting her to cook in variety of ways and delicious too.

Here I would love to emphasize the fact that women or young girls are expected to learn to cook and handle the household responsibilities at a very young age but why not all the boys reverse their roles for an instant?

No man will think of such situations even in his imaginary dreams. Men fear the barred enclosure to be restrained upon them which they ensure on women. On a side this might be in a scenario to protect but in other side they are enthralling obsessive rules upon.

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