Behind The Screens Is Where Your Life Begins!

Does this title make you think it is about behind the cinema screens? Well no and yes. Confused? This article is based on real life cinema screen. Everyone must have heard about the famous Shakespearean saying “life is a stage where all men and women are merely the player.’  Isn’t it? Of course, it is.

We all have formulated our own theories of life. We have our own biased judgments on whoever we see and choose to speak to. So, what makes a person frame the theory of the fake mask he wears upon? Yes, you are right, the circumstances which were sour, bitter, stale and salty. Whereas the sweet memories are sweet forever no matter how many years they pass by. Whenever a person come across any situation of SBSS (sour, bitter, stale and salty) he naturally tends to perceive the persons involved in it to be against him.

This is the natural theory of how we posses people. So, how to avoid this behind the screens formulae and be real all the time?

1-  If the person in front doesn’t like you, simply smile at them. This would possibly transmit positive vibrations. In turn, slowly and steadily their view about you will change. Keep in mind this shouldn’t be mistaken as taking revenge by showing them you are happy. This, in turn, will cause negative vibrations that will affect you in turn.


2- Don’t fake generosity in order to prove the goodness in you. Such faking attitude will be articulating more negative vibrations inside you. Most of us tend to see the social media platform where we see our friends and members of family uploading happy moments via photographs.

After seeing at that particular instant we feel happy about them but the next moment we feel a lack of esteem within us. Why am I not in their place? This is another characteristic factor behind the screens, doesn’t mean that if they are sad also they must upload the photographs which portray them. This is one kind of expressing behind screens though we are having downs in life we tend to show the world we are still happy. This won’t give happiness by any means rather a tinge of negative reverberation where we tend to fake.


3- Everyone’s life has ups and downs, it’s not necessary we must portray them every now and then. Check on the level of your self-esteem this will give you a self-confidence to check on your behind the screen attitude. As I had mentioned above the circumstances we encounter makes us think in articulating the character of a person.



 4- Every individual has a good and bad side, understanding this concept will help us to explain the concept of behind the screen. Not all the time the person can be good nor all the time he can be bad. Circumstances influence people thus making them enact the destined scenes behind the screen. Accept people differ and persist in changing. Even you changed yourself in a period of time. Isn’t it?


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