Because I Bleed Rainbow Colors

Dear world,

I am a woman beautiful and divine

Born to live my life with integrity and not to be undermined.


I am a soul

As pure as the driven snow

Filled with plethora of mixed emotions

Emotions of elation and emotions of dejection

Emotions of adornment and emotions of rejection

And emotions of feminism and that of sexism.

I am that creature of God

Who is bound to stay confined in the nutshell made by this society

Yes the society which tries to describe me

Yes the society I need to follow

The society which is so hoggish and

The society I always need to think of.

It punctures my heart

When I get my hair trimmed shorter and shorter

Because people tell me that 

It gives me more of a “masculine” look than feminine and

If the strip of my transparent bra is visible in that cocktail-blue off shoulder top

It gives them a chance to slander against my character.


I get irked when I am pointed out to wear that tight jeans and 

Short skinny dress which barely covers my body

I feel as if these people are my guiding light

As if they have the right to judge me

Or as if those big fat aunts and uncles paid the price for it.

Dear world,

I belong to that section of the society which menstruates

And I am proud of it

But we are the ones who are closed down to enter into temples during these days.


I fizzle out that are we living in the contemporary world or
The ancient times when these retrogressive practices were followed?
A part of me belongs to the society 
Where talking about sex is demeaning but raping an innocent girl is perfectly fine.


Where raising our voice against atrocity is fatal 

But enduring that maltreatment is not at all brutal.

Well, dear world !

I have something to say so please listen to me!

I am not a slave to any man 

Nor am I any sort of object to give you worldly pleasures

I am not here to impress you against my will

Nor am I waiting for you to define me because

I know that I am actually not so easily defined.

You have to use paradox for simile 

And oxymorons for pun

I am a woman who will break my own shackles of peonage

Irrespective of what you percept about me.

My blossom soft neon pink lips and

Velvety eyelashes aren’t here to catch your eyes

It’s here to catch my own.

So tomorrow when you see me walking down that modal town lane,

Please remember that the sway in my hips,

The stride of my heels,

The curls in my hair

And the bounce in my steps-

You did not give them the meaning 

I did it because I bleed rainbow colors.

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