Blue Whale Game Survivor opens up about her chilling experience for the first time

The ‘Blue Whale Game’ has already claimed a lot of lives in past few weeks. The deadly game was originated in Russia 3 years ago and has since taken more than 100 lives across the world. And now, it is taking the lives of Indian teenagers too.

While it is difficult for the teenagers to get out of this game, once they put their mind and soul into it, but two people have fortunately survived. And this is the first time, that the survivors have opened up about their chilling experience of the game.

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Daughter of a BSF soldier was about to give up her life, when the police rescued her at last moment. Talking to the media from her hospital bed, she described about how she was driven to commit suicide.

The teenager said, “It took me two hours to start the game. Then I played it for entire night. They had given me 4 options. Make a shark from blade on your arm, jump off the terrace, take a plunge in the ocean or any river and run away. They said if you don’t complete the task within 3 days, something unimaginably bad will happen to you.”

Soon, she lost her smartphone, which made her believe in the game. She started believing that unfortunate things have begun to happen. She says, “I thought now my mummy will also die. That’s why I didn’t go back to home.”

She was then rescued by the Jodhpur police just when she was about to commit suicide. At that time, she kept on telling the cops, that she needs to complete her last task which involves taking her own life.

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The bizarre game includes wierd tasks like watching horror movies at odd hours, jumping off the cliff, cut the hand with blade to make a blue whale etc.

The survivor gave a message to other children. “All this is fake, don’t believe in this. Don’t download such games.”

Here’s her video from DNA:

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