The Courage Of Bold Tamilians Made The Whole Nation Turn Back…

bold Tamilians

The peaceful agitation against the Jallikattu ban turned violent on Monday with more than 50 protesters and more than 90 police personnel injured and a Police Station set on fire. Bold Tamilians indeed.

The courage of bold Tamilians made the whole nation turn back…

Courage is defined as poise under pressure. The barrage the people of Tamil Nadu confronted to get their back their rights was tremendous rebellion indeed. They responded with a display of bravery and empathy that has uplifted the mood of the entire nation.

As man-made connectivity weekend, human bonds emerged stronger. Thousands of volunteers participated in the strike against the PETA and struggled day and night protesting.


Round the clock they stood shoulder to shoulder with their efforts they finally won. The whole state boiled to their culture being destroyed. Jallikattu fever made the whole world to awaken. All around the globe the Tamilians showed their privilege of being a Tamilian.

Jallikattu Bill passed, must end this with celebration. Appeal people don’t let it slip in hands of anti-social elements: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Jallikattu is not a part of Pongal or Hindus alone but the fervour of the whole state of Tamil Nadu irrespective of the religion. Tamil is the oldest language but the Tamil didn’t die. Similarly the thirst for the Tamilian’s culture and tradition will never fade.



bold Tamilians
bold Tamilians



Bold Tamilians !

The fashion and fad may come and go but the culture is the base for all. The passion and perspiration will always grow no matter who we have to fight against.


Everyone dared to get their feet wet to witness the greatness of the waves. The state succeeded and hence will make the nation to succeed.

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