Care Your Personal Air To Survive

Life is like a boat ride. The people are like the oars sometimes they help us to reach the terrestrial and from time to time they let us suffer in the mid sea. The sea is a wide platform where one cannot see the end moving slowly. You need to pace up with your difficulties and slow down with your faults. Accept the reality of relationships. The people around you are just the connexions in your boat of life to move on or stay still. It all depends on whom you chose to travel with.

Be it your friend, boy/girlfriend, your family, your fiancee, anyone in life is firstly for surely will give priority to themselves. Yes! That’s the universal truth. You can’t depend completely on anyone for your survival. “YOU” should be your first priority. Self- care is a chief thing where you require caring first. When I mean self-care doesn’t mean only grooming yourself regularly. The intimate part of self-care is taking care of your emotions, your feelings, your instincts, your sensations and a lot more.

The matter of fact is that I bet you are going to feel the pain of a pinch, not your friend. Similarly the surrounding you are going to breathe. She/he can just console you to the core but will they fall down and break their own hand to fracture themselves to share your pain? Never is that going to happen that’s for sure.


Well said by Shakespeare “all the world a stage. Men and women are merely players”. I would like to add the one who knows to act well dominates the one who doesn’t know how to act upon. The underlying meaning is that you have to be 100% true to yourself first. Act well on your thoughts and confess well to your mind. It’s all because you are going to be your best friend for the lifetime. People are just like oars to you. You are the master navigator of your life.

“Self-care is the imperative structure of you.”
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