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Are You a Foodie Looking for the Perfect Weekend Getaway?

What is it that makes the traveller in you come alive? For some it’s meeting new people, for some it’s exploring new landscapes, while for others, it’s all about great food. In fact, for most people, relishing local cuisine is integral to the travel experience. But a typical hotel stay can only offer limited choices […]

To the mothers and sisters in our life!- From an Honest Man

All feminine characters affect we men right from our childhood, teens and finally in our youth in the most unexpected way! Few days ago we had the happy bonding of Rakhshabandhan amidst fire-band feminists stating this as a subtle display of patriarchy, some people condemning Muslims of celebrating it with their Hindu brothers or sisters, […]

While PM Modi Is Busy Making International Relations, Something Unacceptable Is Happening Withinn The Country

We must sure be happy with how PM Modi’s international visits have helped India strengthen its international ties. But how well have  the relations between different religious groups inside the country grown so far?  Hate crimes against Muslims, Dalits and marginalised sections have increased tremendously since Modi government came into power. Do many lives have […]

The Ban Culture: Something To Think Upon!

BANS have continued to be the most controversial topic for debate over the past 3-4 years. It’s something that’s been happening for decades now, may be even centuries and we’ve been acting like it’s something new we’ve been introduced to and hence, the name ‘BAN Culture’. We should be vigilant about the new one’s but […]

A woman on Quora answers ‘Why She Regrets Her Marriage?’

Life is not a bed of roses for anyone. Everybody commits mistakes, has a past, or has to live with some regrets. Marriage is a beautiful relation where two souls become one. What if, that marriage becomes a nigtmare? What if, one has to regret it for the rest of their life? When you gave […]

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