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“Tolerance Is The Highest Result Of Education”- Helen Keller.

Tolerance, is that each act of toleration must circumscribe the range of behavior everybody must accept, thereby drawing a line for what cannot be tolerated . .. And as long as this line is drawn in an authoritarian manner, that is, unilaterally, the stigma of arbitrary exclusion remains inscribed in toleration.”‘ There is no tolerance […]

Mega To Mini : The Revolution Begins At You

  The growing world is expanding its horizons that in turn trigger our conscience to explore the unexplored. During this travel of our journey, we need to simplify and de-clutter our possessions. In more simple terms- to own less during the time we are alive. The logic behind is that we aren’t and can’t take […]

Lenovo Will Launch P2 Smartphone Soon In India With Strong Battery

Chinese multinational technology company Lenovo is scheduled to launch new smartphone in India. Giving details about the smartphone, Lenovo tweeted on Twitter, “low battery of the phone bother? Powerhouse is coming soon.” The most important thing is that Lenovo P2 powerful battery of 5100 mAh, in which the fast charging is supported.   P2 is […]