Hyderabad HC Denies Maintenance To A Wife Who Earns More Than Husband.


         The simple meaning of this word is, development over a period of time. Our society somehow, seems to be inching closer to the idea to it, but, don’t mistake it to be progression because it is miles away from the happening. Social realism on the other hand, is something whose meaning is known by the society but struggles to absorb it.

We cry for equality and the only thing we end up doing is, having baseless debates and fighting over the topics like- ‘What does Feminism Really Mean?’

However, we are here not going to discuss about feminism. Instead we are going to celebrate it.

Recently, Hyderabad High Court passed a judgement denying maintenance to a wife who earns Rs. 5,000 more than her husband.

Wife Who Earns More Case

The woman filed a petition against her husband, B.M. Ranjit Kumar. Her petition said that Ranjit is designated as a lecturer and owns a few properties. The Family Court then passed the judgement that the wife should receive Rs 4,000 every month as alimony.

The woman claimed in the family court that she  enjoyed only 5 days of happy marriage. After that, her husband started pushing her to commit suicide. And the reason was, because he suspected that she was cheating on him. She wanted a maintenance of Rs.10,000 from the man.

Ranjit Kumar challenged the petition claiming that it had been only 12 days since they started living together. He said his wife does not deserve any maintenance as she earns Rs 20,000 per month (that is, Rs 5,000 more than him) and has the potential to earn her livelihood.

He also said that he has no property and had no job when he got married. And he used to make money by giving tuitions.

After lending an ear to both sides, Hyderabad HC passed the final verdict that the wife in not eligible to receive anything from the husband as she is  an independent woman capable of standing on her own feet.

The traditional ruling as seen in such type of cases is alimony being to the wives but the judgement of this case  became an inspiration for change and made us believe that people do understand what eqality really means!





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