Creative Calibre Munch- Crunchiness Overloaded

When you go to sleep each night, you think tomorrow I will surely take this resolution. Ah! The resolutions? How far will they work out? Every time the day dawns you take up a resolution and in sometime you forget about it turn to be the old you. So what can be done on these grounds when the beat of your heart aims for a change but your mind is too tired to accept the changes?

This is simply called your comfort zone from which you resist to come out. The comfort zone deprives you from attaining new and exotic experiences. In a way to grab the calibre which is vibrant and hidden inside you, you must work. I would love to suggest a few creative calibres munch which you can do it to see a broad change in the perspective of your daily routine. Everyone has their own hidden calibres inside them. Just try knocking the creative doodles just beneath each wrinkle in your brain.

This new year, try renovating everything around you. Create your own doodles with DIY.



  1. Look at your writing desk. Look at your pen holder. Change it into handmade pen holder. Create your own designs in it. So every time you use that you feel happy about your creativity. It takes a tissue paper, cardboard roll and cover and doodle it.

  2.  The old writing pad of yours is broken? Don’t worry. Take the long calendar pad and a catchy binder clips decorate it and cover it by writing your favorite quotes or song lyrics that motivates you when you sit down to write.

  3.  Oh the wall poster is torn. Stop gazing at the film stars and celebrity icons. Print yourself a new poster. Design it yourself. I suggest pin on the real celebrities in your life, your mother, your best chum, your pet and write lines which they often utter that inspires you. As for me my fathers says @Trust your mind and believe your heart .

  4. The calendar. Instead of printing the calendar dates take an a4 sheet of paper draw the grids and customize with your own ideas. In each grid write down an inspiring mantra which you will be motivated when you look at it. Each mantra can be philosophical or religious. Make a habit to follow that mantra throughout your day.

It can be “never ever lie today” or “help at least one stranger on your path” or “call up the old lost friend”.



Make sure you write the mantras for a month or for a week but not tonight to establish tomorrow then that would turn into a resolution that will unconsciously be procrastinated.

5. Look at your ceiling hanging. It’s dusty and full of spider webs. Time to change that. Take a square paper and cut it as shown below. Decorate it with your doodles and hang it. This simple hanging is out of your creative designs. 

So, create all the things around you yourself. Creating these doesn’t require your crafty skills but only your creative ideas buried inside you. When you make things out of yourself, a new borne confidence will arise within you making you believe stronger every time when you see the things you have created.

Happy creating !

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