We all have crush throughout our life, some even momentary but, as we think of it, smile comes on our lips!

It would be injustice to my readers if I don’t accept that I am a single guy, and I haven’t been in a relationship till now. So, of course, I haven’t met the queen of my dreams. But, I actually do question is there something really like ‘queen of dreams’? I mean, we live our entire teenage with crush on classmate, the girl next door, the girl who takes the same bus and even on the girl whom we met on a vacation to Shimla! Ya, that’s men, but women don’t lack behind in this endeavour too!

Another thing is, we all have that one friend who is reticent, and will one day reveal to you the name of his or her childhood crush. And at that moment, it would take you a time-travel to get the shadow of that person. Because 12 years have passed since you had last seen him or her. And that to, if you were lucky to study with your friend while he or she was dreaming about that person.


Now friends, many of you will accept that we do develop crush even when we are so-called professionals with very pragmatic thinking, and it is often as stupid as the one we had in childhood. According to me, that is what makes us human. We think and we feel! And sometimes we think too much, and hence are never able to reveal our thoughts. While on the other hand, sometimes our heart beats so much. When she enters the Office in a red salwar, that the day we get her marriage card on the table…..We go into momentary coma!

But, it would be boring to deliver a lecture on why and where you missed out. (And moreover, as I am single, it would make you want to kick my ……!)

So, it was the month of August, the last month of entrance-exam season and I was revising few formulas of physics. Exam was to begin in a while. Just someone came running into the hall and stated pleading the invigilator and his assistant to allow her to give the exam. Yes, she was late, but then such things happen in India! The invigilator was a young guy (not more than 26-27 years) and easily heeded to her plea. All eyes followed her, thinking of where she will sit.

The hall was filled with eighteen years old population and her complexion was something no one will dare to ignore. The seat kept just on my right got an occupant, and I began to forget the formulas as my heart skipped a beat. She was a beauty worth admiring and maybe, giving up formulas for! I got the question paper and started to exchange glance at the paper and the girl, of course sheepishly. I felt jitters and just couldn’t stop thanking god for my position. 



But, as all stories have villain, this wasn’t any exception too. I could sense all the eyes staring her, and I could sense my contenders! Actually she was surrounded by male candidates from all direction.  And, as the paper was solvable (to some extent), nobody was actually under pressure, so all confusing question which would have earlier meant a long period of staring at the ceiling fans, now meant staring at her.

Suddenly her pen slipped off her hand and a commotion began in order to get her pen. All the boys surrounding her, irrespective of whether one saw where it had rolled to, or not! I sat quietly, as I knew it was right below the seat placed in front of her. This commotion ended within seconds as she herself picked it up. I smiled at the boy behind me who had desperately attempted a pen rescue. This was reciprocated.

I walked out of the hall along with the masses, and it was impossible to locate her as she had left few minutes earlier. I found my father waiting at the gate while i saw a familiar face at a distance, boarding an 800.

Today, after almost three years, when I hang-out with my friends and all sort of college gossips become hot topics for discussion, my momentary crush, (whose name isn’t even known to me) makes me laugh, and I bet so does yours too.               
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