The Cute Little Haunted House Thing!

Our childhood days had at least one scary piece of haunted house story served with extra spice and chilly. The story that we find weird now, but still they make us rejoice those innocent moment of our life!

I happened to visit my cousins last year in Bengal, and apart from the lavish food fest (having mutton, prawn, Hilsa and Rhosogolla as its component), that is our trademarked Bong Tradition I encountered a haunted house story. Well, the teller that is, my cousin was twenty one years old. While the listener, who has written this for you to read, was twenty two years old, then!


The scripting is just another hackneyed abandoned house with a broken glass pane and overlooking pond that nobody fishes in. But the fact is it was kind of fun to celebrate the myths associated with it. We went to visit that creepy old complex. Well, it wasn’t creepy at all if you were aware of the haunted thing! I mean, the house was painted maybe a decade ago. But the moment I told you about how a member of the owner’s family had committed suicide in the late nineties. And since then the family members had died mysterious deaths or had been shit scared by the spirit and made to leave that complex, you would feel the old paint quite scary.

Haunted house

The window panes could have been broken by mischievous kids, a haywire coconut under the influence of storm, and so on. But, then I was thrilled to imagine how the spirit scared off trespassers by smashing the panes.


So, in spite of being born in an age of ultimate scientific explanation. And being an adult by all legal definitions I enjoyed being completely immersed into an illusion that turned those colorfully decorated pages from childhood story books with graphics of Dracula and White Saree clad vampires lively.

It is a custom in each and every village and town side to have these unique sites of attraction. The haunted house that I talk about is of no less importance to the localities than Bhangarh Fort! And this strange fever defies boundaries. Every Londoner knows something about the Underground that is scary enough. In New York, you can come across the stories that revolve around the Manhattan Well. The moment you start reciting some of your own cherished haunted house stories.

I personally feel, it is worth keeping these stories alive. Because when you have learnt all about angular momentum, plant physiology and some psychology, these memories of spine-chilling fear that we felt during our childhood days, become memorable anecdotes for personal satire as we try to experience these illusions again!


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