Dear Death, 

I don’t fear you. Yes, I know this is stereotype. Yes, I know you have heard this million of times from billions out there. But they don’t mean what they say. They shudder by the mere mention of you. 


But I don’t fear you because unlike them I don’t consider you to be the contemporary of life. I don’t see you as the dark light and I don’t find you evil at all. In my opinion you are the only real good. You balance all the odds that life puts us into. It is you who maintains the equilibrium between the good and evil in this world. You are the medium to Nirvana, we all seek. 


If you are the ultimate, then why should I fear you? I fear the life that is shattered into pieces the moment you pass by me. I fear to rebuild life which is so excruciating. And to mention, this pain has nothing to do with you, dear Death. It pricks our hearts because life raises our attachments and expectations to such heights that we fear the breaking sounds of our castle walls. Life bluffs us. It makes us weak within and then gives us a hand for rescue. It teaches us to blame you for our tears whereas life itself is the reason for the thunders inside us. 

Life makes us believe that you are evil while you are just doing your job of maintaining the equilibrium. I don’t fear you instead I am glad you exist to extinct us. 

Keep doing your job. You are doing great. 

Yours’ truly, 

A fearless survivor. 

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