Ever Heard About Demolition Of Buildings To Create Forests?

Deforestation! The word which is like a lottery to the ones in property business and for us just just another reason to sigh, rant and do nothing about. But turns out there still is a ray hope for the trees. Seems like Chhattisgarh’s capital city Raipur, is taking the matter into its own hands. They’re said to be ‘planting trees wherever land is available’ well, they’ve proved that its and understatement.
According to a report, Omprakash Choudhary,  the district collector, and his team are planting trees in the most impossible places, even where land isn’t available.
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Right in the heart of the city, where odd government buildings stood,where heavy traffic passes through, a forest will be created.
The land is worth Rs 1000 crores,  and a huge commercial project was also proposed, which could have brought huge profits, fighting that the city managed to get permission to demolish the buildings for growing forest.
Demolition of building
The efforts of Mr Choudhary are worth an applaud. He is planning to create an oxy-zone. The idea for this oxy-zone is similar to the idea of Central Park in New York.
Though the idea came from a citizens group, the dedication of the district collector made it possible by introducing the idea to the CM of the state Mr Raman Singh.
This step has been taken to provide a natural forest and the mush needed fresh air for the city. Earlier in 2016, in reports of the World Health Organisation of 20 mist polluted cities worldwide, Raipur  was ranked 7th. Notably, the decision taken by the government towards considering  nature’s requirement above the massive commercial profit is commendable.
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