Eduventure Your Adventure- Give A Try!

Eduventure? What comes to your mind reading eduventure? Is this word in the English vocabulary? Well, it’s not. So what actually is eduventure?



Eduventure is a combination of education and adventure. An abstract term that went ideally in my thoughts. So to eduventure in any adventure we must grasp the things around us. The majority of us, know about pollution and minimizing the car pollution. And still, we prefer to go nearby place in our own vehicles rather than the public transport. Hey, I am not saying to travel in the public transport so don’t stop reading here. I wanted to share my experience when I chose to travel via the public transport.

It is a fun means for those who travel on public buses or trains. How come it would be fun when they are so many people and it’s too crowded will be the next question sprouted in your mind! Isn’t it? Well, here I explain to you how my public transport adventure became an eduventure for me.

My car had a breakdown so I had no option other than to choose a public transport. I chose to buy vegetables in a local market by travelling via the bus. It was a little crowded bus but still I had managed to get in. I got to sit beside the driver on the engine inside the bus. At first I was agitated but when I turned my head I really loved the scenario. Hey, don’t think it was the scenery outside the bus but inside the bus.

Here it goes. The couple in front of me had a baby in their hand. may be 1 year old. The woman was sad and the man said, your sadness will depress you but will not change the situation. Though we are poor we have the wealth of a girl child which nobody has got in our family. I was amazed by the way he spoke he didn’t seem to be a graduate but was optimistic about life.


There was a very old woman seated by the window with a patch in one eye. Her Nokia phone rang and she responded, (wonder what the other side spoke) I may have one eye but will not believe in what I see until I analyse its truth. Today we all have two eyes and tend to believe whatever we see as truth without analysing. “Ticket, ticket, ticket….” went on the conductor. I was annoyed and asked him if people want the ticket they will ask you, why are you repeating till you get exhausted? He smiled and replied, the people travelling in the bus are poor and sometimes middle class. The rich don’t care but being in the eyes of God I feel we must care in order to avoid them getting fined.

A bus conductor had generosity in him even though the money he collects doesn’t go inside his pockets. A transgender came into the bus and all the men turned their face but one man addressed the Trans as sister and offered his seat to her. How many of us will have such attitude? Being a graduate doesn’t make us grow two larger horns in our head!


This was an ultimate eduventurous adventure for me. The message I wanted to convey is always look through the positive side of your journey in life. Never make negativity your mind voice.

Every aspect of life we travel has something to be learnt. Literate or illiterate doesn’t matter but your attitude does!

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