Is There Emotion in Logic or Logic in Emotion?  

Well, you can’t have an emotion without any kind of logic, and you also can’t have logic without emotions. There’s a logic behind every emotion, even though emotion seems illogical and random. Emotions usually tend to lead us towards the wrong ways. And way more helpful in guiding you towards a wrong way. That is, it works as a beneficial material (while manipulating others for your own interests) rather than a negative point. While definitely, not helpful or even deceitful if you are going the right way for success.


Now, which one is a right way or wrong way is question of mind and varies individually, and depending on that you can give emotions a right place to live in.

So though emotions seems illogical and random in nature, it is perfectly logical and not random. It just drives you towards the wrong way.
So if you wish to take emotions as benefit  for your success, go for it, but don’t ever take the other way round once you’ve chosen to make it beneficial for you.

In other words, Emotions are nothing but the reflections of what you feel. Suppose you have no control over your emotions, but by diverting your mind, you try to convince your mind, you try to convince yourself in any situation, that is called logic. Our emotional and intellectual mechanisms work together.


Well, we need to understand that we don’t think, when we give our reasoning or logic about any matter related to humans or living beings. We don’t take time to think and analyse or reason before speaking a word of what they call as reasoning or logic. It just emerges from inside. This happens because of emotions. Emotions guides the logic behind the things which is not related to human directly, like physics, chemistry, or mathematics etc.

All in all you can’t do any logic without some logic coming from inside, without your reasoning.

This is why, not all people can be made logical with any kind of effort, because there are some factors residing inside which can be called emotions. So, basically there’s always an emotion carried behind every logic you give. Without  logic, the world can’t go on.

                                           -Ankita kar

This article is open for other opinions and views too. 

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