Entrusted ~ Says a black thread sold at a Muslim shrine

Belief or disbelief in almighty ? It comes from within ! It comes along with hope ! It’s neither an object nor a subject.

But it exists..

There is nothing like a concrete phrase or status which defines this belief. For me if it is worshipping almighty with a sculpture , then for you it can be looking up to the sky and chanting the name of God.

For some it may exists in walking miles barefoot to a shrine.

India is a country with zillions of superstitions and beliefs. Being a traveller I came across a place where I met different people with their varied ways of worshipping almighty.

This is a Dargah in the outskirts of Lucknow famous as “Peer baba mazar”. Travelling to the Nawabon ka sheher and then to this mosque gave a glance on two different sections of people.

The affluent societies and the poverty stricken…But the roof under which they unite is this mazar. Irrespective of the class or caste they belong to , chanting the name of almighty and sharing life’s concerns is a way to connect with God here. People are found yelling and whining in pain, trying to find that one ray of hope which would bring prosperity in their lives.

At a corner, I saw a big que of people holding a thread in their hands and bending down to touch it somewhere on their turn.

That perplexed me !

On observing it closely, I found that people were trying to package some blessings in that thread and were asking either their kids or their acquaintances to wear the same. The ideology was not something static, it was the belief of people coming in that this thread becomes a blessing of God and would relieve them of their anxieties. A black thread worn is entrusted more than anything else in the world after that. For a person who believes in it, can worship that thread sold outside the mazar as a Messenger of God.

In the curiosity, I asked a couple about this thread.

They were on their vacation and had no clue about what that thread meant and they said ,” We found people buying this from the store outside, so we thought to take it as a souvenir”.

This was the point of realisation that religion, myth,superstition, belief or disbelief is not something stated or written, its what you believe, its what you observe and take it forward. For one it can be the pool of hopes, for the other it can just be a remembrance.

That one black thread which cost Rs.20 left me with 3 meanings :

  1. A business product which is in a way connected to the survival of a family
  2. A God’s envoy
  3. A momento

Every place in India has its own meaning and story.

Its on you how you capture it..!

Love India ! Live India !


Tarishi Khanna


Entrusted thread!
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