Are You Exhausted? Do You Think Everyone Hates Your Presence? Then Read To Relieve…

“I am exhausted ”, “tired”,“I can’t do anymore”.

Are these your common dialogues you use? What if you die this moment? Okay, I’ll stop the questions and will share my thoughts.


Anything is possible and nothing is impossible. So, even hating is possible and loving is impossible. Love, this word has turned us to the extreme levels of exhaustion. This is a trending disorder. Hey, not love but exhaustion. Exhausted by love. Yes, by long distant love and relationships. Not expectations that hurt but the fear that is the trouble we face. Fear of losing the loved one leads to exhaustion.

This will be soon in the Book of Disorders where we get exhausted just because we can’t concentrate on what we do because we miss whom we love.

Has this happened to you?

Haters don’t get exhausted…

Yes, haters are not the one who get exhausted, it is the lovers who get exhausted. When you miss that one person you start to think everyone else hates your presence. You get moody and upset


for no reason. You spend sleepless nights and you are not stable. Ultimately you blame things aren’t going the way you want. You blame your surroundings.


It is actually the other way around. It is we who hate the people around us just because we hate to be distanced from our loved one. On the other side, we lose concentration on what we do and we lag our time and hence things go unexpectedly.

Unplanned things are always the best. Unexpected things happen when we expect things. You make errors and you are careless. So stop expecting and start exploring.

The solution?

Mental tiredness occurs when we are in deep love. There is only one solution to this kind of fatigue you experience. Exhaustion when someone you want, doesn’t speak to you, you feel tired and low. I follow this simple imagination therapy, I imagine things. I imagine speaking to the close one. If you are angry don’t spray your anger on the person rather imagine the person is in front of you and spray paint your verbal vocab that is full of rage. As words hurt deeper than a knife. Keep your anger this way.

Now the tears will flow and you can cool yourself at this instant.


Imagination is a tool that helps you acquire the unimaginable thoughts by anyone. Your imagination is your creativity. So imagine and be creative.

Are you exhausted now? Does everybody hate you?

Now you can answer this question after trying my therapy… Aridey179’s therapy!

P.S: I don’t know this exist or is found earlier but I follow this…

Happy reading!

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