The time was nearing for the Film fest. He was still whimpering he doesn’t want to dance with her. When she came out dressed from the room he resented not to dance with her.

Everyone in the city knew he was the best dancer ever. But he was reluctant to dance along with her. Though she was his girlfriend he didn’t want the fact of dancing. He literally begged her not to dance. That was the first time they were going to dance together. She was very excited about it.

She had the fervour to dance but only with him as she felt his touch would only genuine. Compared to anyone else she could have danced. He just didn’t want the outer world to know she was a dancer with passion. Because, he knew how the world perceives a girl when she dances on stage or on screen.

Their perspectives were different but she didn’t back because she knew dancing in this film fest would surely bring him what he wanted. That was a surprise which she heard in the breeze that spread as rumors. She had strong beliefs he would attain his dream.

She was adamant to dance and he was furious about her decision. Ultimately when they were announced, he sprang with his words on her, “You want to get my fame as you dance with me. Isn’t it? The fame of my name when you dance along?”

Her eyes swelled up but she couldn’t say a word back as the program coordinators pushed on to dance. With pain inside her of his words that ripped her she pretended to smile and danced like it was her last dance ever until she dies. At one stage when they had to stare at each other for few seconds and stay like a statue, she told him this would be my last dance.


As they finished their dance, she ran out of the backstage. He didn’t bother to stop her, because he knew she would never leave him. The fest was about to end and the hosts announced that all the dancers who danced had been in a secret contest which they were unaware of. So the winner of the contest is Ria and Dev. A cheque worth 5 lakhs, and a Mercedes Benz car is what they have won.

He was overwhelmed because owning a Benz car was his dream. Dev searched for her in the backstage but couldn’t find her. Ultimately again the coordinators pushed him on the stage where he got the cheque and the key. On that instant, some loud crashing sound was heard. Dev unconsciously ran outside to find her…..

He fell to his knees and sobbed….as he recalled her last words  that it would be her last dance.

After the hospital formalities were over, the nurse handed her belongings to him. He took her phone and opened the saved draft in it. It read, “Dev, you know I love dancing but dancing with you was my dream. I know your dream was to buy the car which I wanted to accomplish with you on this stage. Your dreams are always mine…not the fame…..”


He sobbed and sobbed until the nurse called him saying Ria was now conscious. He went into the room and screamed her name.

Her both the legs were gone in the accident. She was a living soul just with the upper part of her body. He couldn’t bear the pain he had caused to her. He went beside her, she whispered in her low voice

“Dev, shall we go on a night ride in the car? I know you had a dream to drive at night in this car. Your dreams are always…..MINE.”
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