Are you scared of fear? Fear the black emotion

Fear the black emotion

Fear is the emotional stream that arises within us. This barrier blocks our explorations and experimentations. This arises due to the insecurity that merges with physical, emotional and financial circumstances. Fear the black emotion diminish it before it degrade you.

Fears are generally in nature. In most cases, it is probably due to too much to expect human beings to unlearn them. To overcome destructive anxieties must be our goal. We must live with complete awareness and attention with self-control. This core concept makes us brave and bold person to face fearful circumstances ahead.


Fear the black emotion

This black emotion boils down five other negative emotions: Hatred, desire, confusion, pride, and jealousy. They are based on the insecurity of different kinds and are indications of how complex we are. This also determines the strong hidden forces that influence our behavior and decisions.

“Courage is the primary virtue. All else will follow”, said Winston Churchill.

Courage against fear makes you stand even if you are alone. Stand up and re-think are a coward or clever. Being a coward will lead you to black spots but cleverness will lead you to bright sparks. Choose it, the choice is yours. Be brave to take choice before others choice drives you.

Fear the black emotion
Fear the black emotion

Ethics of self-preservation

The ethics of self-preservation must come into play as a barricade against the shocks which we can expect from the undependable world we live. Today our lives have been filled with unexpected changes and our norms, parameters, expectations shift ceaselessly with burning rapidness than times ago.

Fear of living and surviving the life has become a battle. Life is not a battle ground to fight against always. This life is tested for us to prove our worth to ourselves. Are you scared of fear? Fight against only your fears nothing else. This fight will determine to eradicate the suppressions that lead you to depressions.

“Think of yourself as the sky, holding the whole universe”, said by Sogyal Rinpoche. Start the explorations and begin your experimentations.




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