Free Education For Girls From Nursery To PhD In Government Institutes Of Punjab

The system of education in our country doesn’t gets how important it is to impart knowledge, to educate students for real. Instead it’s just been looked up upon as a business opportunity these days. And also the government doesn’t seems to care much, unlike the government of Punjab.
Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh, at the state leagslative assembly announced that the government will sponsor the education of girls from nursery to PhD in government institutions throughout the states. Its a good social welfare practice but making it possible only for the girls and not both boys and girls is a but disheartening. Hopefully, it will be followed for free education for everyone irrespective of their gender.
Free Education For Girls
He also stated that this initiative has been taken to provide quality education to all specially the underprivileged. The lesser fortunate kids are deprived of good education and only the privileged ones get to study at good schools.
Budget allocation in the education sector will be supposedly increased as anounced by the CM. Special attention will be paid to teaching in English, which is the weak point of most government schools in our country. 5 new colleges will be opened in the current financial year and the government has also proposed to start pre-primary classes I’m government schools in the state.
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Free Internet services in 13,000 schools and 48 government colleges will be provided. Free texts books will also be introduced along with availability of online textbooks which could be downloaded for free.

We wish more and more states will get inspired and eventually there will be something like this in the bag for boys too.

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