Why Gautam Gambhir Shouldn’t Speak On Kashmir, But Umar Khalid Should.

Gautam Gambhir on Kashmir

Recently, a video of a group of Kashmiri Youth beating up CRPF Jawans has gone viral. That video has raised many questions and sentiments in the minds of every citizen.  Gautam Gambhir, captain of IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) tweeted on 13 April, 2017, tweeted,


While his tweet was shared across various social media platforms, it didn’t go well with few people. The latest news report by well renowned Hindustan Times recently published an article titled “WHY GAUTAM GAMBHIR SHOULD NOT SPEAK ON KASHMIR.”

The article states, “Gautam Gambhir’s tweet about Kashmir displays an absolute lack of understanding about the problems in the strife-torn state.”

It further reads, “Condemning the kicking and jeering at paramilitary personnel of your country is understandable, but calling for mass murder in retaliation is not- especially when you are a famed cricketer.”

We want to ask the author and editor of the article that how exactly beating up our soldiers ‘Understandable’.

Kashmir has always been an extremely sensitive topic to talk about. Dear author of the concerned article, if Gautam Gambhir has no rights to speak on the issue, same logic applies to you as well.

The article says, “Gambhir perhaps has no clue that almost every day the state’s forces and Kashmiri Civilian protestors clash with each other.”

Perhaps, Gambhir has a clue about the ongoing circumstances, but he have had his enough. Perhaps, because he is not used to the sight of watching his soldiers beaten up by ignorant youth of Kashmir(Or I should say, ignorant youth of our country) on a regular basis. And perhaps, his blood is not cold.

It further reads, “Gambhir has never displayed any outrage about the hundreds blinded by the state’s use of pellet guns on protestors or the 90 kashmiris killed during last year’s unrest in the valley. Those lives don’t seem to matter much to Gambhir.”

We want Hindustan Times to know that the way these Kashmiris you have been talking about have certain human rights, similarly, our soldiers have them too. We have ample times seen you and others like you, talking about human rights violations in Kashmir. But in my strongest memory, I do not recall the last time you talked about the Human Rights of Soldiers.

“Those lives Don’t seem to matter much to Gambhir.” And what about the lives and dignity of soldiers who sacrifice everything for us so that we can have this debate right now?

You title the article as “Why Gautam Gambhir Should Not Speak On The Issue Of Kashmir?”

Why not? Because the left wing has all the freedom of speech in the world? Because students like Umar Khalid and Kanhaiya Kumar who have some political agenda can speak their mind, but a sportsperson who is outraged to see the miserable state of our protectors has no rights to speak.

Biasness to the limits.


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