When You Ask Me If I Care: gender-inequality at question?

When you ask me if I care,

I won’t say a yes.

If you ask me if I have secrets to share,

I won’t reveal them to find solace!

If you think that you know me

because you could read my eyes,

If you equate me by the values you met on the street,

If you live believing that what I do is because I struggle to

garner your attention!

If you believe I am a high flying bird free from the society’s detention, or moral restriction.

Then I won’t doubt on your ideological intervenience,

or complain about the stereotypical ambiance,

rather smile and vacate the seat for your convenience!

I know that life isn’t easy for you too, but is it always fair on me?

It hurts me when my relationship ends with a sudden full stop,

leaving behind few unanswered question marks.

I am expected to move out,

While in her case it’s a loud shout,

she can claw me in public and pull me by the collar.

My silence will mean acceptance,

while resistance would be threat to law and order.

A girl is strong and independent if she can kick out the wrong guy from her life,

An “independent” man is playboy and a curse to the society.

From the day of my birth I have been taught not to reveal my pain,

because they make me look weak.

I feel stressed and tired, you see me shout,

but I cry too, in hiding but loud.

I don’t know if I am loved for my money or for my looks.

The society has always project me as a strong soul, provider and protector for all,

It has never cared to ask, if I love the concept at all!

And the last thing to say, which I have always held close to heart

I know you feel insecure after going by the news, radio and some one’s views,

But, each time you say that “the men you can trust are only few”

Somewhere between being your brother, boyfriend, husband or friend,

and a mere passerby to the lady on the street, whose fear I can sense!

On seeing me approach she tightens her clutch on the leather bag,

I thought of asking her if she needs help, but I don’t see any point of doing this;

it will be interpreted as flirt, and projected as brag!

I lose a war with the society that trolls,

I don’t know on what to lament; my upbringing, my thinking, or my gender.

But I am male, my heart bit pale,

Yet Emotionally Stronger!!

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