The Negligence Of Medical Lifelines- Generic drugs

Generic Drugs

The emergence of medical development in curing many indestructible diseases has famed it as godliness wonder. Development in science and technology has frosted the effectiveness of cure with invention of drugs. Millions of drugs are current nightmare of hundreds of diseases but millions of people across the world still face the death. Medical experts and enthusiasts point out the medical ineffectiveness and debate over drug ineffectiveness as super bugs hold the stake.

India , The largest and fastest growing country is the face of medical inefficiency and poverty. Millions of people across the country strive to avail medical facilities and basic treatment. With half of the country dwelling under poverty , people are easily wooed by medical quacks and the other lot by self proclaimed magical Guru’s.

According to WHO(WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION) , the international governing body of  health care estimated that 65% of Indian population struggle for a day meal. Hundreds of government schemes and health facilities provided on paper disappearing under cover on field , millions of Indians toil to make a living . Education being on the other side of destruction , thousands of doctors that graduate every year still are short for the society!.

We might have wondered that a single visit to a clinic might cost a minimum of Rs.300 , that includes visiting cost and medicine expenditure. Latest report on poverty survey by United nation Millennium Development Goals (MDG) states that 22% of Indian population earns less than a hundred rupees per day.

With millions of people struggling to make a day living , How can we expect the population to hurdle out medical expenses ?

The notion of being branded is emerging lifestyle among the society. The effect has now shadowed over the medical drugs. If we have wondered why do we need to spend a minimum of Rs.300 on medicines for cold or fever , the answer could be rooted towards the “BRANDING OF DRUGS”.

The branded drugs are the exploiters of common people toil, its important to understand generic drugs to mark down  the exploits of branded drugs.



Generic drugs are pharmaceutical drugs that are identical to their counterpart branded drugs . A generic drug is exact copy drug that is equivalent in strength , dosage,strength, administration and safety. These drugs are not owned by branded companies but are officially distributed by government regulations inside the country.These drugs are produced and marketed at lower prices than the branded drugs . While branded drugs spend millions in protection as patent and later for marketing, generic drugs are marked less in price since they don’t patent or marketing prices.


Most of the generic drugs are approved after inspection and counselling with the concerned medical and drug authority of the country like  Central drugs standard control organisation ,Drug controller general of India and Indian Pharmaceutical association in India.

Progress of Generic drugs along the Branded drugs:

Generic drugs have knife edged most of the branded drugs since they are similar in function and effectiveness , most importantly for their less market price. A branded pain killer in the market may cost  10 bucks ,but the same generic pain killer costs a rupee or two. Though we might question their emergence, generic drugs were promoted to help the public of less prosperous countries to meet medical expenditure.

Even though generic drugs are officially administrated through the government ,millions of Indians still face the stack of branded drugs. If we question the missing link ! The quest leads us through a dungeon of marketing and business mafias in the country.

Physicians tempt with branded drugs!

Most of the physicians in the country are aware of the generic drugs but the physicians still prescribe the branded drugs.Though the Medical Council of India issued a notification in October last, that every physician should prescribe generic drugs, there have not been too many takers for this, amongst doctors or the public.

The center has taken immediate steps to progress the availability of generic drugs . It has also progressed a bill to enforce doctors to prescribe generic drugs in place of expensive branded drugs.

Though many physicians face the pressure of government initiates ,the same go through a lot of temptation and  pressure from brand drug retailers. Physicians and private hospitals are lured by lump sum profit and deal in marketing the branded drugs. Most of the hospitals across the country aren’t aware of the availability of generic drugs since branded drugs flood the market for mutual profits.

Generic Drugs are lifeline

Branded drugs in our country are culprit of People impoverishment , Generic drugs can be lifeline to poor people in India. According to congressional budget office in USA , usage of generic drugs can save consumers an amount of $8 to $10 billions dollars in the world. A steady initiative by the government and support by local doctors to promote generic drugs will uplift its awareness.  Pharmacists play vital role in operating generic drugs whilst counselling patients.

Though generic drugs have a alternative standards , chances of its merge with black market for money could raise security concerns. In order to streamline safety standards of generic drugs , government can regulate safety measures and test centre before marketing them to the markets. A proactive and strict regulation by government with loyal support by physician and pharmacists will help public with long awaited sting while availing medicines for health.

A Major Concern!!

Indian government has been pushing generic drugs into the markets but its failure has always been a queer mystery.India is the leading producer of generic drugs and more than 60% percent of the generic drugs produced are exported . While the concern beat around its availability and marketing in India , it is amazing that more than half of the drugs sales outside the country.

The secretary general,MSF                                                                       Source- The Hindu
Jerome Oberreit , The secretary general of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) , an  international medical aid organisation in a recent interview with The Hindu , claimed that his organisation that aids people straining through epidemics and natural calamities across 69 countries has relied heavily on Indian markets of generic drugs .

The Exported drugs are making its presence across needy people on this planet while neglecting people of its own backyard. The reason for its withhold in our country might be bailing with supremacy of branded companies that pocket out common people  or the underlying business mafia. But citizens need to uprise with awareness to counter the exploits.

Lets hope and be a leader in campaigning the usage of generic drugs in India to solve our long battle with health facilities and medical expenditure. A single step to dismantle the exploiters can save millions of rupees from our citizens.

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