To The Girl Who Gave Away Her Last Chocolate

Did you see? 

Did you? 

That slow curve that turned into a magic wave? 

Her eyes lit up like sparkling bulbs 

Those tiny fingers lost themselves between a wrapper 
Making cute faces, the brown lump melt in her mouth.


Did you see? 

Her eyes spoke of her sad story 

That is no less than an agony 

While her hut is her paradise, 

The sand beside her construction area, her toys 


She could be me and I could be her 

With shaggy clothes and happiness unfiltered, she runs from street to street 

Is she safe in this wilderness? 

The little magic 

Wandering in this foolish world of materials and gizmos, 

She will soon grow into a lost child of destiny 

Meager education backing her, she will wash the dishes 

Sweep the street

Or worst, get married at an age where she just stepped out into this world.


How does one balance a world like this? 

How does she surrender herself to fate? 

So you my girl, 

Give in abundance. 

Share your best to the girl above 

Give away your beat brown lumps wrapped in the golden paper 

Or your beat gown. 

Then, you my bundle of magic 

Let the Universe answer your good deeds 

Be good 

Be kind 

And be genuinely helpful to each brand. 

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