You Are Gonna Lose The Race! Know Why?

“The world is at its fastest, you just can’t stop, you too have to rush to succeed. You pause for a second, and the world will kick you out in the next.” This is what one gets to hear, and is true too, in this world. Where everyone is running at a very fast pace, whatsoever the reasons may be. “Keep moving or you’ll have to stop forever”….this concept is being followed by almost everyone. “Using long paths is old fashion; they would lead nowhere; take shortcuts instead”, the mantra of some people. ‘Slow and steady wins the race’ has now changed to ‘Fast and furious wins the race‘. There is indeed no time for rest. This race starts from the very first day of a child on this earth, I must say and it isn’t a hyperbole.

Parents and relative start saying, mera beta to engineer banega, doctor banega” (my son will grow up to be an engineer. or a doctor) and blah blah blah….And then he gets admitted to school, and there is so much competition in the world, he learns that, and starts studying very hard. The race to score good marks in tests, then exams and getting a good report card starts. They start chasing instant successes. They never chase big dreams, never pursue for big goals, they never try to be a better person. Though it’s true that ‘small makes big’ but while trying to achieve small you shouldn’t forget the big aims.

Life requires you to be a human first of all and then a good one. The present situations has made the homo sapiens a robot instead of human. But in all these rushes, that something valuable is lost.

All this results in the loss of mental peace and happiness. And once this race begins, it ends with death only. And it’s painful. From schools to admissions in college for higher education and then recruitments in a reputed company and then finally the whole life for betterments in job career. The pace at which you need to run increases at each step. People nowadays want to succeed at any cost, literally, any cost. They can’t struggle but easily lose their character. What the hell!!! For good niche anything can be done. “Do or die” this is what one needs to keep in mind these days.

I just wonder, “will the pace of this race ever slow down, or will it rise with an increasing rate?
In the end, “you may run the fastest, you may win every race, but you finally will lose the real race of life.”
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