47,000 Govt Schools Of Maharashtra Villages Are Now Digital

We keep hearing about how acutely depressing the conditions of Govt Schools in our country are. Whether it’s the quality of education, infrastructure or the qualification of teachers. Name it and there’s a miserable story behind it.
While all this is still there, a government school in Dhekusim village in Jalgaon Ambaner taluka of Maharashtra,  has managed quite well to keep up with the quality of education with the use of technology. One might feel stunned hearing this, but it’s true.

And the very first question in everyone’s mind is,  HOW ?

Well, using of such technology does require enormous amount of money which they managed to get just from the villagers. Shocking! Isn’t it?

An LCD projector worth Rs 78,000, Wifi enabled classrooms, laptops and what not. For over a year now, the students have been using tablets, playing games related to maths, science. They went to people and sought help to improve the quality of education and conditions of the school, and got donation worth Rs 5.5 lakhs.

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The headmaster, Mr. Suresh Patil, says “As of now at least 10 students left private schools and and joined our school. And the number of students increase from  42 to 78.”

The data made available by Maharashtra State Council of Education Research and Training (MSCERT) highlights that school teachers in the state managed to raise Rs 126 crore from the public, between July 2015 and December 2016.
It further reveals that Ahmednagar district ensured maximum participation, by raising over Rs 30 crore, followed by Pune (Rs 19.8 crore) and solapur (19.03 crore).

The teachers have figured out that the donors feel that it helps them getting a sense of fulfillment, and feel like they’re contributing to the society by helping out the children with their education. This really has been proven a successful mission and more states should look forward to such attempts of crowd funding for contributing towards digital classrooms for the students.

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