High Court Judge Makes A Lame Statement About Peacocks; Gets Trolled

It’s no surprise to hear from the guardians of our indian culture that how beef should be banned and how cow should be made the national animal. But getting to know the misconception about why the peacock was given the title of our national bird has got the country a little too much interested in peacock porn, and that too because of a Rajasthan High Court judge, Mahendra Sharma.

According to him “A peacock does not indulge in sex with peahen. The peahen gets impregnated when she swallows the tears of peacock… Lord krishna used peacock’s feather for celibacy of the bird. And that’s why he was chosen our national bird.”

He made his first claim about the “brahmachari peacockon Wednesday,  the day he retired, while justifying his 139-page order advising central government to make cow the national animal. And all this based on our holy books, which he says quote that peacocks are brahmachari.

In an interview with CNN- News18, when asked about the scientific basis for his claims he said “Puranas are a part of mythology, and science comes below mythology.” And when asked about the reliability of his statements about celibacy of peacock being the reason for it being made the national bird, he took off his mic and tried ignoring the anchors questions. He attempted avoiding the questions twice by taking mic off.

It’s hard to believe that such statements are being given by such qualified person,a sitting member of one of the 24 high courts. By such apprehensions on the matter of peacock and cow, he displayed his malnourished knowledge and shrinked mindset in his professional jurisdiction.
The question arises, why are we so afraid to accept sex being a normal process? After all all of us are born cause of it, don’t this judge has other issues to address upon?

Well, besides all this the people can’t seem to control their tears and humor of course.

Hilarious tweets and memes are all over the Internet.

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