That’s how media houses wrongly reported the bravery of Saleem who saved Amarnath Pilgrims!

‘Sheik Saleem and the passengers in his bus had a near-death experience while his bus was driving the Amarnath pilgrims from Baltal to Mir Bazar after a visit to the shrine when a horrific terror attack took place. Two terrorists on motorcycle carrying guns chased the bus and shot the windshield, tyres and other parts of the bus on Monday night. Seven pilgrims lost their lives to the attack. But Saleem managed to save the rest of them. And kept driving the vehicle in pitch darkness until they reached a military camp.
He drove nearly 2-3 kilometers with flat tyres on the Srinagar-Jammu National Highway. According to officials, the bus was not a part of the yatra envoy and hence was not provided security cover. IG Muneer Khan said the attack was carried out by Lashkar-e-Taliba militants.
Amarnath pilgrims
Saleem’s family in Gujarat is proud of him. His cousin, Javed, said “He couldn’t save seven lives but managed to move 50 people to a safe place. We are proud of him.”
 “ It was about 8 pm when the bus was surrounded by terrorists. They first fired from the front with the intention to eliminate the driver. I ducked sideways to escape the bullets and drove ahead. I do not know how I got the strength to go on at that time. Maybe Allah helped me and gave me strength,” Saleem told The Indian Express

“Muslim  man saves life of Hindus” read all the headlines.

True, but shouldn’t the headlines read “Sheik Saleem, The Brave Driver?”
There isn’t any need to add Muslims and Hindus in the headline. And likewise being a terrorist also has nothing to do with someone’s religion. Media doesn’t leaves any chance to drive a wedge between the communities. They need to understand that being good has nothing to do with someone’s religious beliefs.
Defining people solely on the basis of religion and lumping them together needs to stop. In underlines the sentiment that we, the majority are surprised that the one who cared for some of us is a Muslim.

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