I like colors and you 

I like beaches and you 

I like stars and you

I like silence and you 

I like everything this planet ever had and then I slowly settle down for you 


Because that is the place I want to be 

Between the chaotic roads and unknown souls

Finding you gives me happiness 

The one that touches till your ears? 

That kind of happy 

The one that lifts your day up? 

That kind of happy 

One that challenges my underlying love for food? 

See, that kind of happy

Of all the things I can do 

l will settle down to write about it

Only one day to wake up and ask myself why? 

Why is it so difficult to unlike someone who has nothing to offer you? 

But you see, 

If stars ever answered why they are so far 

If the sea answered why it doesn’t stop at my feet 

If the horizon answered its meeting point 

Then I think your answer can be one of them


It’s absolutely okay to fall in love with someone and never be loved back 

Because you see love isn’t a barter process 

It’s only about giving, 

Giving as much as you have

Till one day you wake up to a void 

And I will read my love for you here. 

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