True enough ! I missed you but I couldn’t see you. I wanted you in my life but I couldn’t have you. No doubt, I needed you but you were not there so I realized that I lost you. You know what? Losing you was a traumatic shock for me but then you gave me a reason to consider it as a blessing in disguise. Well, we were never together because if we would have been in a bound relationship then we would never rift apart. You would stand by my side through all my thick and thin and I would be standing next to you. But what happened? You left me in the hustling crowd and went away. I looked for you like a treasure hunt but couldn’t find you so I lost you. You made me realize that losing you was not really a loss.

Losing you made sense. Losing you was inevitable.


 i lost you
I lost you because in reality I never had you. You always hunted for something good which you couldn’t find in me. You always wanted a reason to back out whereas I always wanted to stand by you. Losing you was really difficult but that’s where I found myself and I explored my true existence. I learnt a lesson that it is better to lose some people who doesn’t understand your importance because if it really affected them they would never let you flow like a river. You never tried to hold on to me. You just let me slip down your fist like a sand. But you know what? You truly did an amazing job. You took a good decision on my behalf. And you made it simpler for me to think the other way round that I don’t need a guy anymore. I am pretty good enough for myself. It was for the first time I realized that everything lost in life is not a curse, sometimes it is counted as a blessing. Losing you was hard but sticking to you would have been harder.
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