India Today Conclave, 2017 To Be Held In Mumbai.

India Today Conclave

INDIA TODAY, the largest and the most influential weekly news magazine in South Asia, hosted the first INDIA TODAY CONCLAVE on 20-22 January 2002 at Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi.
The theme of the Conclave was ‘India Tomorrow: Opportunities and Threats’. It focused on the geopolitical and strategic implications of the turmoil for South Asia in the wake of the global war on terrorism.
INDIA TODAY CONCLAVE was started in 2002 and till now it has held upto 15 conclave. This time India Today is organizing the 16th conclave in GRAND HYATT, Mumbai. In these two days conclave (i.e.17&18 March) there are so many important personalities as  Speakers such as Honorable President Of India, Honorable Prime Minister Of India, Chief Ministers, Indian Businessmen, Actors, Musicians, Sociologist, Filmmakers, Authors. And in this conclave they are going to discuss about:

1- Governments are failing, old certainties are giving way, new ideas are being born.
2- It’s the era of The Great disorder
3- 2017 has a new US President, one whose name is not Hillary Clinton.
4- A new UK PM is already in office.
5- France and Germany will also see changes in government.
6- Russian President Vladimir Putin is rising.
7- The EU is coming to terms with life without Britain.
8- The world will have to get ready for self-radicalized lone wolf attacks, mass shootings and a refugee exodus that never ends.
9- In India, new administrations are taking over key states.


There will also be great clashes.
1.Globalization vs protectionism.
2.Inclusiveness vs xenophobia.
3.Competitive federalism vs creeping centralization.
4.Freedom vs censorship.
5.Foreign investment vs domestic capital.
6.Rising feminism vs toxic masculinity.
7.Job security vs the entrepreneurial economy.
8.Technology vs disconnectedness.
Add to that a world which is forever new, looking for the new new thing in every field.


There will be two days of talking, listening, thinking, doing, experiencing, being.

Where you can:


The forces of change sweeping through Europe with the man who ran France for five years, former President Nicolas Sarkozy.


The changes in politics in 21st century India with the man who has been witness to its most turbulent years, President of India, Pranab Mukherjee.


The mysteries of the market with titans of industry, Reliance Chairman Mukesh Ambani, Mahindra Group Executive Chairman Anand Mahindra, and Godrej Group Chairman Adi Godrej.


The magic of cinema with two of India’s biggest stars, Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma.


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