Indian Cricket and the Extreme Reactions.

Sports! which is meant to unite people not only locally, but globally. Nelson Mandela once said in his speech – “Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair.” well, agreeing to all of it, sports also has the power to bring out the worst in people, at least in India, where we blame the players or even their closed ones for losing.

Cricket! A game connecting a billion people looks amazing just in saying. How cricket unites India is an example in itself… In a nation that is divided by language, religion, caste and what not, cricket has proved to be a glue holding together Indian. That sense of passion, the buzz, and the excitement of sport encapsulates and characterises our nationhood. Just think about a recent sporting event that got you talking with your friends, relatives and colleagues, talking about your predictions for the result and hopes for India’s win. Think about the day itself, and the sense of energy, excitement and anticipation that brought. And of course, that collective post-match analysis which can be either referred to as Diwali or worse than anyone’s death. Nothing binds India together as well as cricket.

Indian Cricket and the Extreme Reactions.

But why do we lose our mind whenever our team lose a match ?

For instance when India couldn’t make through the opening  2007 world cup match, MS Dhoni was blamed, his effigies burned, his house destroyed and what not. The players were made to feel like they were terrorists or criminals, When India lost 2015 world cup semi finals  Anushka sharma was blamed for Virat not performing well, Such extreme reactions only go on to show the misogynist character of Indian society where a woman is blamed for anything and everything that goes wrong with the man.

And all this is said to be ‘Extreme reaction by fans’, can these people really be referred to as fans ? Aren’t fans supposed to cheer  their favourite players ? When we can’t stand with them during defeat, do we really have the right to celebrate their victory ? After all, only one team can win, and it’s not like the other teams get through reservation (through which a lot of us get into a lot of places) or some unfair means, they also play as our team does to get into the finals. Hence, the competition is tough, sometimes you win and the other times you lose. What’s the point of such extreme reactions every time India losses a cricket match. Besides, we don’t get offended when we lose a hockey, football, tennis or any other game.


It’s high time we start to bleed blue even when India loses, and cheer up the players of other sports as well. Infinityspeaks supports India, no matter what the situation. #bleedblue

And kudos to the Indian hockey team, you made us proud. We #bleedblue for you too.
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3 thoughts on “Indian Cricket and the Extreme Reactions.”

  1. It happens when a single thing is given more importance than needed. The national game of ours is given least importance against cricket. A yet another paradox.
    I guess nobody even celebrates even the biggest of victories in hockey but get crazy over even the smallest defeats or victories of cricket.
    Anushka is blamed for bad performance of virat but never praised for good performance of his.( what I feel is that she needn’t be included in it, after all she isn’t her coach.)
    The scene needs to be changed.

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