Joginder From Haryana Is Doing Something Really Innovative In Rural Areas

‘Libraries are transformative places. A library can change entire communities for better’ says Joginder Rohilla, the founder and president of Sanskriti society.
Sanskriti  is a non – profit organisation founded to make a difference in society. Their main aim is to provide quality education and open libraries in rural areas.

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Joginder is an engineer from Delhi, born in Bahadurgah, Haryana. Growing up, all he wanted to do was to read, but he struggled to find a library in his small town. He has worked for multinational companies like TCS for several years, both India and abroad. After completing his graduation Joginder and his elder brother Jitender decided to start a library.

He says, “Ours is a small town and I didn’t have any resources to start a library. However, my father was enthusiastic as I was about the idea. Ultimately we decided to start from put of our home and Sanskriti was born.”

Bahadurgah got its first library in 2007 with around 200 books which were from brothers’ personal collection and some donated by others. Even today, the library is open and everyone is welcome to borrow and read.

Sanskriti in Rural Areas
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After the unfortunate death of his brother, his retired father joined in. In order to fulfill his brother’s dream, Joginder started collaborating with local organisations, schools and NGOs and decided to open more Libraries across the country. Joginder realised that he could just provide the idea and people will be happy to help.

“I just sensed it was time to go all in. I am going to devote all my time to Sanskriti. What I really want to do is utilise my corporate experience of over a decade to make Sanskriti a financially-viable entity. And I have a plan ready for that,” he concludes with a smile.

So far Sanskriti has managed to open 20 libraries all over the country and they are planning to open 100 by next year. Sanskriti along with opening libraries, also provides career guidance fellowship programs and is a consultant to social startup organisations.

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