Kochi Metro Sets An Example By Appointing 23 Transgenders

Kochi Metro makes an effort, hires 23 transgenders to work at its metro stations.

This is the first government owned company that has hired a total 530 people as a part of kerala government’s Kudumbashree mission for poverty eradication.

Kochi Metro

Kerala had announced a transgender policy back in 2015, becoming the first state in India to do so. The policy ensures them equal access to social, economic activities, resources and services, the right to live life without violence, the right to equal treatment under law and equal right in all decision making bodies.

Kochi Metro
This is a strong step forward to end discrimination that is meted out to the transgenders.

With petitions being filed by the public to provide more opportunities and to proliferate the idea that they are one of a kind, a different kind. With the ever growing trend to attract attention and become famous, people have mastered the art of putting exactly into words that will provide them with plenty to boast about. The stage will be full with leaders screaming their ideas or rather opinions about “equality” with a “red-handed” audience with closed minds who fail to unmask the candour. They know how to row a boat but paddle far away from the reality which is buried deep inside the waters.


Usually people tend to fear the transgender community. They are looked down upon as nothing more than sex objects, people who force the pedestrians to give handful amount of money, people who fall on various occasions dancing in a circle, people who should be avoided and kept at a distance. Often parents tell their children to avoid them at all costs for they are physically powerful and can cause problems and embarrassment, perfectly outlining a map of a criminal. Ironically, asking them to sympathise with them. Why? They don’t need our sympathises but our support. They are forced to beg because they are denied basic education, basic necessities for a standard living and are often kicked out of offices. There are no provision for them.

In 2014, Supreme Court recognised “transgender” as a official third gender but failed to confer them with a platform. Kerala has uplifted the spirit by including them in the metro workforce. It all started when the local transsexuals clashed with those outside kerala, some of them complained of ploice high-handness. They had also complained to the police that they are forced into sex work as the society denies to give them a job.

This marks the first bold step towards a change. People called as “hijras” and identified with the act of clapping hands with stretched fingers making a circle are also humans who deserve a respectable platform to survive and to breathe freely.

Kochi Rail Metro Ltd(KRML) Managing Director said, “Society’s mindset towards them will change by direct interaction. They cannot be neglected and blamed for being born with a biological condition”.
They have to be identified as hearts with the capability of pumping hard work!
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