This Is Why Kulbhushan Jadhav’s Confession Video Is A Proof Of Pakistani Talent!

They say that Art knows no border. Surely, it Doesn’t. And this is why, we Indians love Pakistani art and artists a lot. Be it Fawad Khan Or Mahira Khan, or this new video, we appreciate it all.

Pakistan has been trying hard to prove that Kulbhushan Jadhav is guilty as charged. Also, The Chief of Pakistani Army approved his death sentence  for being a RAW agent. The military court found him guilty of “involvement in espionage and sabotage activities” which posed as a national threat to Pakistan.

To deny all allegations on Pakistani court of Justice by Indian Government  regarding giving him a fair trail, Pakistan has released a confession video of Kulbhushan admitting that he is a RAW agent and he still serves as an Indian Naval officer.

However, the Indian Government has denied all the allegations by Pakistan. According to the Indian Government, Kulbhushan has no connection with the RAW or government or any defence forces as he no longer serves as a Naval officer due to his premature retirement.

We may believe that Kulbhushan is a RAW agent. We may also believe that he is still serving as an Indian Naval officer and was passing confidential information from Pakistan to India. But what we cannot believe is the confession video that has went viral.

Let’s talk about why the video is extremely unbelievable and proves to be another  attempt of Pakistan to fake a fair trail.

1- The 3 minute video  has over 100 cuts. Is it a confession or a short film?

2- So many video and audio fluctuations in just a crime confession video? Moreover, it has been taken from different angles using too many cameras. Interrogation doesn’t require this much effort.

3- No serving or ex defence personnel of India would say that they were planted in Pakistan to DETERIORATE law and order in Karachi. These activities have been of CRIMINAL NATURE, ANTI-NATIONAL, TERRORIST leading into killing of Pakistani citizens.”

It clearly shows that the script is written by a hard core Pakistani.

4- He confesses that Pakistani Army on knowing the fact that he is an Indian naval officer, treated him with utmost respect and honour.

It is the same Pakistan who kills innocent men like Sarabjeet who have nothing to do with spying. And they are treating an alleged RAW agent with honour and respect.  Torture of Indians in Pakistani jails is known to everybody.

India has clearly rejected this doctored confession video. Any Amateur would tell how fake this video is.
However, Indians  appreciate the video making skills of these kids.
Watch, what forensic experts have to say about it.
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