LangEx….The Ultimate Venture To Explore Your Language Skills


My Langex experience-2016


The Department of English conducted an innovative event called ‘LangEx’. That was one of the most nostalgic memories I ever had. I had a class test on one of my subjects, for which I wasn’t prepared. I wanted to escape from it. Then coincidently an announcement came up for those who missed the registration can spot register. Although not knowing what the registration was about I took my leave from the class. And here, I would like to share my experience.

I was waiting to get the appointment in person. As I had missed the early registration for getting the appointment in the first batches (Spot registration). As soon my turn came I filled the details in the form and got my appointment roll card (Batch number). Afterwards, I was guided by the nurses (volunteers of English department) to the reception area where I was seated under the outpatient arena (Newcomers- form filling).

After the general information collection, I was sent to the in-patient area. We were seated on the opposite side of the waiting area (corridor). After waiting for a very long time I was sent for the ear check up to the Lab (the Communication Lab) where the instruments were fitted in both my ears followed by, I was asked to fill up another form.

I couldn’t understand the conversation what I heard. And hence somehow filled the form in a form of complete guesses.

LangEx or Biology?

After my ear check-up, I was sent to a Psych Lab in open air (outside hostel) for exploring the creative ideas in my head. Then I was given a small chit by the Therapist (Ms. Rosy) and write down all I felt about the topic. Since I wrote too quickly, I asked for another sheet and was denied. While I enjoyed being under the trees with fresh air and felt like a writer who explored the nature and drew words into the canvas. I spontaneously finished in fifteen minutes and was guided by another nurse inside the main block.


I was sent to an Ophthalmologist (Video Lab) for checking my vision on reading a paragraph and answering the questions followed. After the eye check up I was exhausted and made to wait for the final check up. This made me nervous and goose bumps ran through my spine. As the chief doctor (Ms.Zulaiha) enquired on how well it was going. I was too exhausted to reply back but smiled back. Finally to the psychotherapist (Ms. Raufunisha) who guided me to pick up another bit of paper. Here I was supposed to speak to record the pitching of my voice.

My nerves started to get chilled and frozen as I reached the Lab (Audio Lab). I blabbered whatever was in my mind thinking having a nervous breakdown in that situation wouldn’t be surprising at all.  Heaving a high sigh, I was relieved of completing my final test.

After 10 days I got the result in my hand, I was ranked as the top third language expert in the whole campus. I was thrilled and overjoyed. In fact, the patience of waiting bore me a sweet fruit. I wish the Department of English would organize more such events to motivate and enhance student skills.




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