It was dark on the either side of the deserted road. The two of them were not able to see each other. Every time they lifted their foot to walk away, they could feel each other’s presence; pain; tears….
It was not duty that had separated and then years later impinge them but it was rather their destiny. They were once united in love.

Today, they impinge upon by chance years later. Their mind willed to walk away even without seeing each other. They could have walked away easily only if their heart didn’t stop them. Their eyes met again after years. They had seen each other after long. They had been reading their old text messages and chats since they broke up. They looked into each other’s eyes continuously, for long, unmindful of surroundings. None of the two said a word. Their eyes and heart talked instead. Their eyes were telling everything straight. They reflected the days they used to talk, sharing anything and everything; those giggles they laughed out and the moments they had spent together and a lot more. Speechless emotions could be seen in their eyes then.

Last Meeting

The blank space between them that increased day by day; their loneliness; the nothingness between them was piercing like a needle. Their mind goes numb every time they dwell upon those old days they had spent together. It intensifies their agony. Their endless efforts of moving on, proved to be a waste of time. The blurred memories became clear then. Their heart whispered that they miss each other, that they still crave to talk, that they wanted to reunite, silently. But their mind said a big no. They cannot forget the past and the consequences that led them here. They had to turn back and walk away.

Walking away, they silently wished that they could hug each other, that they could talk to each other, that they could say a final last goodbye, one last time. The agony inside them still increases day by day and a part of them dies daily craving for each other. They never met each other. It was their last meeting.


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