Life You Have Dreamt Of

  • Amidst the utter chaos,

Where do you get to find the boundless serenity for which your search never ends?

Where lies that satisfaction which always leads to dissatisfaction?

Where is that laugh you always cry for?

Where do you get that faith for which you have always been suspecting?

Where do you get that love you always crave for?

Where is that ray of hope which you have always been finding in the darkness?

Where is that liberation which you think you have always been deprived of?

Where is that happiness which is ever searched for in sorrow and you never had it?

Where is that life you always dreamt of?

Where are these things? Where are they? Somewhere out of the reach of man? Or somewhere lost in the eternity of the sky? Or are they buried deep down in the earth? Or trapped in the black hole?


Life you have dreamt of

They are nowhere
Within you…Within your soul…

Take time to analyse yourself and you shall be able to find the better half of yours which won’t search for these things, and certainly will be able to live a better life.

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