Life Overloaded With Applications

The Smartphone trend is everywhere. Ranging from a small kid to an old man. Everyone carries a gadget along with them. Whether it is a vegetable vendor or be it a four-year-old kid. This world has been overloaded from the applications we use day to day. From tracking menstrual cycle apps to how many minutes you have walked in a day. To how much calories you have lost you have apps as your check list.


The Play Store offers variety of application for different purposes. Let it be a writer. He will have minimum four applications to edit his write ups and post over to the social media. Apart from the editing apps he will also have the instant sharing apps where he would have created his own network. For instance that of haiku jams, integral, mirakee. And such apps where his writing skills are being exhibited. In order to have a smooth writing presentation he would have added a variety of font applications on the other side. Also he would also have applications installed on rhyming words, dictionary in his own language and the list is goes on.

This was a case of a writer. So, if you ask a person who loves meditation. He would give you a list of apps on keeping calm. Meditation music app, mind relaxing games and similar apps would be on his list. If you intrigue a gamer, he would have his phone filled with games ranging from silly to action games. More than using his phone for communication purposes he would be playing the whole time. The major game apps would be addictive which he couldn’t spare to live without. Like clash of clans, subway surfer, temple run and more.

A constant shopper will have his phones loaded with shopping apps. A person who wants to keep his body fit, will have apps of how much he had walked that day. His work out timings and heart rate and eating habits. Every personality living and owning a smart phone will have a range of apps installed on their phone for some purposes and their preferences.


Hey, I left somebody, isn’t it? Yes, the social media freak. A chatter and has his horizons widened over to the range of chatting application like Viber, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Hike and on and on. This kind of person will have so many photo editing apps installed on his phone. Each time he clicks his picture and hence uploads over to get the likes and reviews over. These kinds of people are real introverts though their life style seems to be extroverted all the time. The selfie freak who takes thousands of selfies and edits hundreds. And then posts 10 best pictures out of those 1000 in the social media platforms to show the world how happy he is.

You see such people everywhere may be this could be you as well who could be reading this. In reality, these apps have overloaded human lives. Be it a reference a dictionary in your book when you search for one word you come across several other words and enrich your vocabulary but in dictionary app you exactly see the meaning of the specific word you want. Take the example of referring a religious book where you know the verse number. In a mobile app you see that specific verse but when you refer the religious book you have a glance of various verses.

To conclude, these apps in your smart phone is like the air you breathe keeping aside the communicating purposes you breathe through it. From morning alarm to the walk and talk of your life you depend upon it. Be it writing diaries in your phone or researching on anything the applications in your phone have overloaded addiction on you.

Can you imagine your life for ONE day without these applications, keep your phone away? I bet you will have the urge at least to touch it once in one day. This new year, challenge yourself that you won’t touch your phone at least for one day in one month.



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