The Light Inside Me

Why is it that I need to mourn to write?

Why do I go to the darker side to fight?

The fight for the light I need to write,

The fight with my own thoughts,

The fight that is eventually fruitful,

And gives immense pleasure.

I look at the beauty of something far away

And why do I wonder if it’ll be the same from there too?

Why I don’t have the courage, 

To go beyond what I believe I can?

Why is it that the thing I fear the most

Turns out to be the best?

Why does the darker side appeals to me more than the bright?

Why do I fall for darkness every time I pass by?

That’s because the bright side is much beautiful than the darker side

Than seen from there itself.

Had you gone there, you’d have realized.

It is the mourning that allows me to be lone

And think elegantly.

So, I do love the darker side of mine
For it enables me to explore the light inside me.

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