The Local Government Has Refused To Help This Farmer Because Of A Bizzare Reason

Farming in india has become nothing but a business of loss. Farmers have gained nothing but just fake assurance from the country since ages. But they still manage to contribute the most towards the GDP. Despite an overwhelming amount of changes witnessed by the economy the small farmers in the country have had much to face.
The plight of one such farmer has grabbed attention of the media. Sitaram, the poor farmer from Salamabad village in Binjore district of Uttar Pradesh has been left with no choice but to plough the farmland by himself. It has been tough for him to make ends meet sine one of his buffalo died.
He doesn’t has the money to purchase another so he has been pulling the plough himself since then.
He doesn’t has the national identity card (Aadhar card) so the local government has refused to offer help. So can’t claim any government benefits like loan waiver without Aadhar. He was regular recipient of pension benefits during the governance of Samajwadi Party but it has been discontinued by the present government on the state.


He has lost his half of his right arm to farming and is left to fend for himself. He is forced to partner with his only ox to pull the plough, while his wife Munni Devi plays the role of a farmer and helps Sitaram pull the plough.
The couple has been trying hard to make ends meet but without government assistance it’s been impossible.

Here’s the video by BBC –
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